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Clinician Performance Management

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Clinician Performance Management can help you across three key domains.

Premier’s Clinician Performance Management (CPM) technology shows how clinicians are performing across the continuum, so you can drive system-wide performance improvement. CPM-Hospital is the solution supporting Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE)/Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) for hospital-based clinicians. CPM-Continuum goes beyond the walls of the hospital to include provider quality measures from any care setting.


Measure and analyze patient care and practice variation across the health system in order to reduce mortality, complications, readmissions and hospital-acquired conditions (HACs). Analyze clinical and financial outcomes in relation to risk-adjusted internal and external peer benchmarks with the ability to drill down to individual patient details.


CPM-Continuum provides a view of each clinician’s performance in all MIPS domains: quality, improvement activities, promoting interoperability and cost. CPM-Hospital supports your organization’s OPPE/FPPE processes.


Ensure your clinicians understand how to improve with CPM-Continuum’s embedded Learning Management System that links performance measures to learning activities.

Key Features:

CPM-Hospital combines Premier’s QualityAdvisor™ database with user-defined measures and presents it in a physician-friendly format.

CPM-Continuum includes hospital-based data from QualityAdvisor, as well as physician quality measures calculated from practices’ electronic health record (EHR) data feeds.

CPM utilizes two risk-adjustment options: CareScience® and 3M™ APRDRG.

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