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Care Delivery Optimization

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Better Care for Every Patient, Every Time, Everywhere.

We understand doing better for your patients while remaining financially viable is important. It means providing high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective care consistently across the continuum – no easy feat. Our experts are here to support you. From working within and alongside health systems across the U.S., we’ve helped to align processes, unify teams and sustain culture change that’s resulted in less variation. We call it care delivery optimization.    


Is variation running rampant at your health system despite having clear goals and expectations on reigning it in? Our experts can help close the gap. We’ll compare what’s in writing against what’s actually happening. We’ll put an ear to the ground to hear what people are saying and what their beliefs are because, at the end of the day, that’s where change really starts.


Are you operating in an “us vs. them” culture where your teams feel leadership is merely throwing goals at them? We’ll help fix that by making everyone who will directly be impacted by change part of the conversation. We’ll guide you in bringing them into the decision-making process, so they feel invested from the beginning, see the solutions being developed and understand why they make sense.


Have you thought: If we’re doing good work and our teams are making great accomplishments, why isn’t it sticking? Why do we have to keep revisiting the same issues? It’s about changing people’s attitudes and beliefs and creating a culture of constant learning – and our experts bring the best experience in this. After helping you identify what the culture baseline is at the beginning of your care delivery optimization journey, we now help you implement and sustain culture change.


5 Considerations to Transform Care Delivery

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Creating a Culture of Optimal Care Delivery

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Care Transformation at AdventHealth

Key Features:

We create custom multi-phased, long-term strategic roadmaps. Based on your organization, the roadmap includes an evaluation of what assets and financial resources are available across your care settings, and if the appropriate leadership and governance structures are in place to enable and sustain care transformation efforts.

Our dashboards, implementation plans and clinician scorecards highlight progress, pinpoint improvement opportunities and identify best practices that are working. These tools provide a continuous feedback loop to assess performance and hold providers accountable for results.
We stick by your organization’s side in order to see the care transformation through to implementation. As an extension of your team, our 1:1 performance partners work elbow-to-elbow with your team to accelerate improvement using proven lean methods customized to your organization’s culture.
Premier’s national collaborative allows you to gain insight from top peer performers, share data and outcomes, and discuss best practices for sustaining quality, efficiency, cost and safety innovations across the continuum.

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We understand the struggle you face when it comes to balancing time between patients and the business side of healthcare. Premier has tools that can help. To learn more, get in touch with our Premier experts.